I found two abnormally large lymph nodes at the side of my neck. Following a biopsy, it was found to be normal tissue. My doctor mentioned that this might be related to stress or my body fighting off an infection. While I have not experienced any signs of sickness, I have been tired due to lack of exercise and poor diet. Any thoughts on what this may be due to? Or any thoughts on what I should do moving forward? — Asked by Anonymous

Well strictly speaking in Chinese medicine terms. What you are describing is what the Chinese refer to as a stagnation of flow In certain energetic channels.

diet and exercise can be culprits for this manifestation but it’s too vague a situation to be conclusive about what the underlying issue can be. I don’t know your health history note anything about you personally. There could be compromised blood flow, poor nervous enervation, oa myriad of things that could be going on.

I’d say watch it, first, and make sure you get a second opinion. I’d recommend yoga and taking any and all caffeine, drugs, and alcohol out of your diet for a starter. That right there is a big challenge itself but should be a huge first step.

Accuracy vs. Precision: An Anecdote about energetic Integrity.


I had a patient named Amanda who seemingly had the worst luck. She experienced three major accidents in the span of less than 2 years. Omen and portents are certainly one thing but the frequency of her misfortunes certainly suggested something interesting. 

Luckily, Amanda did not suffer any broken bones or permanent injuries. Unfortunately she was left with a tremmendous amount of pain.

Whenever Amanda used to come into my office, this tiny person would greet me with a bear hug. Any inquiry into her overall state was always returned with positive superlatives:

I’m Super Dr. Kim!
I’m Great!
I’m Awesome!

This is generally nice to hear; It’s always fun to deal with someone optimistic and postive. I enjoyed this energy for the first visit but was left feeling bothered. With each visit I knew I was detecting something I couldn’t quite articulate.

During the third visit, as I was taking the pulse and manually paplating various points, I noticed her Amanda’s face. Whereas she came in with an happy energy level (12/10), as she settled down in her own mental space, she wore a dejected expression of (2/10).

"What’s wrong?" I asked.
Perking up she responded “Nothing, why?”
"You looked really sad." Studying at her face.
"Nope. I’m not sad at all."
I continued the exam. A “Hmmmm…” echoed in my thoughts.

I realized Amanda is willing herself to a Positive state. Normally optimism and hope are tremmendous qualities for a healthy life. This was something a little different; She was literally trapping the energy of her fear and worry inside with positivity.


There are two statistical values that fascinate me: Precision and accuracy.

If we were to use archery as an example, Accuracy is about the distance of an attempt (firing an arrow) to a chosen target (hitting the bullseye). This is elementary and something we all understand.

Precision on the other hand is something quite different. Precision concerns the distribution of all the attempts to hit a chosen target. If one hits all their arrows in a single spot there is great precision. This doesn’t mean that the arrows hit the bullseye (accuracy). This is a matter of consistency whereas the repeated attempts are relatively the same.


Amanda acts with precision with her words: Always very positive. Unfortunately she doesn’t answer accurately answer the reality of her energy: Worried, Sad, Scared.

One of the major steps in healing is acknowledgement and acceptance. This doesn’t have to be something negative or abusive, it is just an honest categorization of the present energy. Getting into three accidents is awful and can make anyone wary of life. Being hurt, sore, and in a state of exhaustion sucks. Couple that with her impending lawsuits, doctor visits, hospital bills, I personally would be so so scared. 

Healing is an invitation to release this toxic energy, moving it out, creating room for Love and positivity to replace it. Amanda is very wise but still believes that her body is broken, requiring manual and physical intervention to fix things; This is a very superficial understanding. Soft tissue injuries, particularly muscular tension, reflects so much trapped energy; In fearful states, it’s almost as if the body is bracing itself.

I want you all to be positive. 
I want everyone to believe in the best.
But your body has an intelligence; It can truly speak.
If it speaks loudly, you must listen to it needs first
before telling it what is ought to be.

In other words, letting go is more important than just adding on. This is allowing the accurate solution to show itself. 



I haven’t seen Amanda in quite some time. 
I recently received a request from her lawyer to give my diagnosis, prognosis, and assessment to use to support future litigation.

I wrote a very technical response. Giving them what they needed.

What I really wished I could write was,

1. She needs to listen to her body above everyone else
2. She needs to let go of her fear.
3. She just has to know it will be ok.

Remember, at the center of true healing is the truth.
Never aim for anything less.


Emill (sometimes known as Dr. Kim)

#Healing #Clarity #Honesty

Hi Dr. Emil, first if all thank u very much for your helpful articles on MBG. In one of your articles, you have mentioned about treating candida with $70 worth herbal anti-fungals. Could you please share info on that herbal anti-fungal medicine and where I can buy it? — Asked by Anonymous


Here is the best website for information about treating Candida.


This is a wonderful resource that provides a wealth of information about Candida, it’s various expression, and various solutions. It’s the best reference out there.


Necessary caveats: Remember, when you choose to treat any ailment yourself, ultimately the responsibility is on You. It is you that needs to become knowledgable (a virtual expert) about the medications you are taking as well as how your body feels. There is a myriad of anti-fungals available and you must take the time to determine what works best for you. These are all available at any health food store (or the internet).

The reason I’m not short listing a few of them is because I know what works best for Me; I know what works best for a patient I am monitoring in my office; I don’t have any idea what works for you (since you aren’t physically present). I have literally taken EVERYTHING on the list at some point. Honestly, some of the anti-fungals have made me immediately ill and others ill over time. Ironically these same herbs have no affect on my patients.  Just because they are herbal does not mean they will act the same way for everyone.

By nature I am a dabbler. With regards to my self study I am daring and reckless to large degree. I have taken many things only to see how they will affect me (I once made all my hair fall out). This attitude isn’t for everyone nor do I ever recommend it; It can be dangerous (and balding).

I am very careful to give specific medical advice for two reasons:

1. I have no idea how healthy you are and what you are allergic to and if you even have candida.

2. Self medication/care is a serious undertaking that really requires the individual to become a student committed to understanding themselves.

Keep in mind, I have been practicing and studying medicine for 15 years and I still make mistakes. I try to reserve those mistakes, particularly with new things, to myself. The only things I can specifically recommend whole-heartedly if you have candida is

1. Quit caffeine (especially coffee).

2. Quit Alcohol.

3. No drugs or cigarettes.

4. yoga 5x per week (this should be all the time).

Be smart. Be safe. Use google liberally: There are a ton of people who have gone through this experience. Be sensitive. Be a great student.

I hope this gets you on your journey.

PS: When in doubt never be afraid to consult a local doctor in your area.

Hi Dr. Emill. I love your blog and admire your reflective approach to your practice. I have been searching for a healer here in Babylon, NY. Could you recommend someone in the part of the USA? Thanks for sharing yourself. — Asked by Anonymous


Thanks so much For the kind words. To be honest, I don’t know anyone I can personally recommend in or near Babylon New York. I’m sorry. I’ll ask around. You are more than welcome to send me a message on my Facebook page (listed on mindbodygreen.com). If I can answer it or provide some direction, then I will Do my best.

Hi Dr. Emill, where did you study chinese medicine? — Asked by Anonymous

I went to a school in Los Angeles named Samra University. All of my western medicine classes were covered by years in medical school and my internship and apprenticeship was done with my mother.


Incredible. cc: @michaelvfisher


Incredible. cc: @michaelvfisher

Just read a few of your articles on MBG.. LOVED them. I have been doing yoga for 10 years on and off, 5 pretty seriously and teaching for almost 1. That said, I don't feel like my flexibility is ever getting anywhere.. My hamstrings are so tight that it is frustrating. I blamed in on years of running with out stretching, but now I wonder after reading your article on what back bends reveal, if it is more due to a life of low self esteem and living defensively? I also have super tight hips.. — Asked by Anonymous

Question posted anonymously last week on my Tumblr 

blog :

Just read a few of your articles on MBG.. LOVED them. I have been doing yoga for 10 years on and off, 5 pretty seriously and teaching for almost 1. That said, I don’t feel like my flexibility is ever getting anywhere.. My hamstrings are so tight that it is frustrating. I blamed in on years of running with out stretching, but now I wonder after reading your article on what back bends reveal, if it is more due to a life of low self esteem and living defensively? I also have super tight hips…

My Answer :

Hi Anonymous….


If I don’t even know what your face looks like, I certainly don’t know you well enough to make that type of judgement.  There certainly is an emotional component to every movement we make in our life. Our yoga practices invite us to go deeper into our bodies than our regular everyday movements allow. Many places hold locked away energies like emotions and memories.

In many other professions there exists the adage,

"For those who can, do, For those who can’t, teach."

Yoga is not one of those professions.

When we are assume the role of being a teacher, we also assume a greater commitment to practice and deeper study. For many who are called to teach, there already exists a passion and a devotion to this practice of self-study. 

The first set of question I would have for the questioner, who is a teacher: 

"How often do you practice?" 

"How do you practice?" 

And more importantly, 

"Who do you practice with?"

A certain regularity in mat time is an absolutle requisite to develop a familiarity and working knowledge of your body. The style of your practice (hard, soft, fast, slow) can be insightful to how you both challenge and comfort yourself. Lastly who are your teachers? How often do you practice with them? Have you studied or taken class with other teachers of other styles or other other levels of practice? (degree of difficulty and philosophical interpretations).  Learning new approaches from others helped me interface with my body differently.

Next remember, this commitment to self study does not end at the Mat. My own evolution as a teacher lead me to explore my dietary habits, the reaction of food on my health flexibility and health. The energetic environment where I found myself. I found that my own emotional and physical health and quality of my practice was just as predicated on how I lived off the mat as what I did on it. 

Ultimately remember yoga means “to Yoke.” 

What Philosophies do we yoke our practice to?

What beliefs do we yoke our body to?

What foods do we yoke our health to?

What world do we yoke our consciousness to?

So, to answer your question, “Yes. It probably has some connection.” 

A better question is “What are you going to do about it? You’re the teacher. Go find your real answer.”

Namaste my friend.

I love and want to say thank you for your article from south korea. I can't speak english very well but I just want to let you know that you are so inspirational for me you makes me think,act and see everything being myself and feel comfortable and thanksful my life as it is. and also live my life and love people. Big fan of you!! PEACE : ) — Asked by Anonymous

I just saw this right now. Thank you so much. I’m so glad, particularly from Korea. As you know I’m Korean-American. I know how challenging the traditional cuture can be with being independent as well as emotionally expressing oneself.

Just be yourself and love yourself. I reall appreciate your message.

- Emill

Hi Emill- how are you? I really enjoy your articles on MindBodyGreen for both their spiritual sentiment and wit! I also love your friend Chloe Park's articles also. I would love to organise an appointment with you, however I live in Australia. I have some physical issues (neck pain and occasional back pain) which would be hard to resolve over Skype! But I'm also seeking some guidance as I'm at a crossroads I'm at in my life and wanting to push through fears. Do you find Skype consults effective? — Asked by Anonymous

Did you receive my message on facebook?



Such open energy! I would do yoga more in my Kitchen If I lived here.



Such open energy! I would do yoga more in my Kitchen If I lived here.


Victorian House – London Via

Not quite my style but Love the Juxstaposition of the new and classic.


Victorian House – London Via

Not quite my style but Love the Juxstaposition of the new and classic.

Hi everyone, I promise to write more.

I feel like I’ve neglected this blog site since I started writing for mindbodygreen.com. I promise to write more unique content for this blog. Thanks for liking and following.

My latest article

It’s about Drinking beer and Yoga. Not at the same time of course.

Hi Emil, Amongst many other things, I am writing a research paper on gastrointestinal /colon related health issues and the benefits of using alternative therapies, yoga as one. I hope to conslude my research paper in July 2012. Currently looking for indivuals to try a theory which has been successful. Thank you. Michelle S'gro. How do you see Acupuncture playing a part in the above issues? :-) — Asked by Anonymous

I don’t think I answered this yet. Forgive the lateness of my reply.

Alternative practices such as acupuncture and yoga do many different things but, first and foremost, they increase the sensitivity and awareness. This is important because western society has largely desensitized most of us from feeling how both our food and environment affects our body. 

Whenever I see someone with gastro-intestinal issues my first thought is if they are eating things that are incompatible to their particular physical make-up. My second thought is whether their emotions are causing a particular constraint within someone aspect of their GI system.

Alternative practices and therapies are just that, an alternative. How they play their part part in this GI/colon health epidemic is that they offer a different way of looking at everything. Conventional medicine never ever acknowledges the quality of our food, the amount of preservatives and chemicals, and the energy of our food as affecting our health. Western medicine sees the human body as a physical machine. The therapeutic approach is largely a deconstructionist one. 

The term holistic is has been over used to the point of causing nausea in me. Still, it really captures that synergistic nature with which we must embrace our approach to our lives. We are singular energetic, emotional, physical entities. 

Acupuncture if anything is a therapeutic tool but more importanly it is a educational tool. It may happen one person at a time but it’s better than nothing.