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So you want to eat Greener…Or, at the very least, lose a ton of weight and get healthy quick.

Welcome to a greener 2012. If you have ambitions of eating greener (or more greens) for health reasons, to lose weight, environmental concerns, or just to try something different, then I recommend this movie for some extra motivation. 

Joe (in shirtless glory)

Fat Sick and Nearly dead.

This is a simple documentary about one man’s juice fast for 60 days as he travels across the U.S. sharing his message. We meet Joe, an Australian, who is grossly over-weight and suffering from urticaria (an auto-immune skin disorder) who commits to only drinking green juice twice a day for a full 60 days. He is the eponymous “Fat, Sick and nearly Dead (FSND)” one, owner of a bag full of prescribed pills and creams, and possessing a magnificent gut that undulates in an establishing slow motion shot (see photo above). As his belly jiggles with each shirtless step, he wonders out loud in a voice over, “How many cokes, burgers and fries did you recon it took to make up this masterpiece?”

The narrative takes us to the corners of the United States and middle America in a mission to the spread the idea of Juicing but is also a discovery of the ideas the average citizen has about diet, weight, and living. It is both an amazing journey (in the astounding transformation Joe undergoes) and a sobering one (the overwhelming lassitude and resignation the average american has concerning obesity and consequent mortality). Joe’s journey comprises the first half of FSND, the latter half of the movie is the most inspirational and that I’ll leave as a surprise. 

Joe from Fat Sick and Nearly dead

This movie is thought provoking in a very real, humorous, and human way. It is inspirational and worth purchasing. Luckily it can be currently viewed for free on